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Countries That Bangladeshis Can Visit Without Visas


Dec 25, 2022
Countries That Bangladeshis Can Visit Without Visas

Traveling without a visa is a great way to experience a variety of destinations in the world. The world is full of beauty and wonders. If you’re a Bangladeshi passport holder, there are several countries that you can visit without a visa.
Travelers with a Bangladeshi passport can also apply for on-arrival visas. These are generally issued on arrival at a port of entry. There are two types of on-arrival tickets, including single-entry and multi-entry. However, some border officers may require a physical copy of the permit.

Visa rules vary widely from country to country. Depending on the type of visa you need, the cost can range from around $160 to as much as $300. If you’re planning to visit multiple regional countries, applying for a multiple-entry visa is best.
A few Caribbean nations allow Bangladeshi citizens to visit without a visa, and saint Kitts and Nevis, for example, is one of these destinations. In addition to that, Dominica is another destination that does not require a visa for Bangladeshi nationals.
While there are no countries in the Caribbean that do not allow visas, there are plenty of destinations that do. Many Caribbean nations are known for their beautiful beaches and tropical lifestyles. Besides visiting these countries, Bangladeshi citizens can also enjoy the natural wonders of Fiji and Samoa. They can even get a passport-free visa to visit Barbados.

Other countries that do not require visas for Bangladeshi travelers include the Bahamas and Tuvalu. However, those traveling to these countries must have a valid passport. Also, some countries require you to submit biometrics, such as an apostille stamp, to verify your identity. Some travelers will need to attend a consular interview before obtaining a visa.
For those visiting for work, there are specific rules to follow. Bangladeshi nationals working in another country must have the appropriate work permit. This permit is usually issued on arrival, although it can be requested in advance. You can also get a tourist or business visa on arrival. When ordering a visa on arrival, you’ll need to provide a detailed travel itinerary, a letter of invitation from your employer or other business contacts, and proof of your reason for travel.

Bangladesh has a variety of rules regarding travel and visas. Citizens with a Bangladeshi passport can get on-arrival permits in many countries, but they may need to make an appointment with a local visa center in their home country. Applicants may also need to pay a fee in the foreign currency of their choice.
Although there are no official websites for any of the mentioned countries, other websites assure you that you can visit each without a visa. The main reason is that these countries are considered to be budget-friendly and easy to see. With a bit of research, you can make the most of your vacation.

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